In 1945 Henri Côté and his wife Anne Marie, along with his parents, Joseph and Ida Côté, moved to Victoria from Edmonton, Alberta. Joseph Côté purchased the Beacon Cottage, an old historic building built in 1883. Being contractors by profession, both father and son renovated the building, converting it into a motel and renaming it the Tourist Lodge. They opened for business in 1946.

The Tourist Lodge was a haven for many traveler's looking for a peaceful retreat, especially those from the Canadian Prairies who were looking to get away from the harsh long winters. As the Côté's began to take root in the city, Henri Côté felt it was time to expand the business. Over the course of a year, the Beacon Lodge was built. The building was built in front and attached to the existing Tourist Lodge and on September 15, 1949 was officially open for business. Two years later Joseph Côté died suddenly, and in his honour Cote Enterprises Ltd was formed in 1952. For the next several decades the Beacon Lodge operated as a successful motel, housing hundreds of guests each year. Its Art Deco features, both inside and out, made it very trendy for guests during that time. The building included octagonal windows, a signature of Henri Côté, which he used on other projects he helped build in Victoria during that time. In 1962, an additional renovation was conducted under Henri Côté’s supervision. A fourth floor was added and an additional wing was constructed and attached to the southern back part of the Beacon Lodge. This final renovation brought the building up to its current specifications. A miniature lighthouse was erected on the northern part of the property by Henri Côté.[1]Over the years, the lighthouse became a symbol to the many residents, giving them a sense of home and warmth offered by the Côté family.

The Beacon Lodge continued to operate as a motel until in the early 1970’s when Henri Côté’s youngest son, Bernie, joined the family business and persuaded to have the Lodge operate as an apartment building instead. In 2008 Bernie's two children, Tristan and Hilary, joined the business. They became the 4th generation to have a hand in the business. Since then it has continued to operate as an apartment building by the Côté family. 2022 marks their 76th anniversary in business.

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Our Goal

Our goal at the Beacon Lodge is to provide each tenant a safe, clean and enjoyable place to live. 

"The Beacon Lodge is a residence for friends of nature seeking beauty, rest and contentment"

-Ida and J.N Côté 

Beacon Lodge Apartments

"Providing quality accommodations since 1946"